Dealerships Are Practically Giving Away 2019 Luxury Sedan Vehicles...Here's How To Get Yours...

Now is a great time to trade-in and score a deal on a luxury sedan vehicle. If you are like most during this COVID-19 crisis than you're probably cutting it close or not being able to afford your car payments at all. Well, there's good news for you yet. Dealerships are being forced to practically give away their 2019 luxury sedan inventory before 2020 ends. Right now 2019 luxury sedan vehicles all over North America with 10,000km or less are selling for $2,500 and under. Some leases are only $25/month! These deals and discounts on 2019 luxury sedan vehicles will only last a limited time while our economy is at its lowest point ever. Search and compare luxury sedan deals.

How Can You Save?

Several automakers are rolling out new relief programs in light of the epidemic. Ford’s credit arm announced potential payment flexibility to owners affected by COVID-19, while Hyundai said it would make up to six months of payments for those who lost their job due to the virus.

As for buyer incentives, it’s hard to say whether the pandemic has spawned a huge ramp-up in discounts; that’s something we won’t know that until month-end data arrives in early July. But it stands to reason that any collapse in demand would leave individual dealers, if not manufacturers, itching to move the metal.

Do as much as possible online. You can’t test-drive a car on the internet, but just about everything else is possible without leaving home. You can research vehicles here, and negotiations and credit applications can occur online once you contact sellers for a car you find here. If you visit a dealership, practice social distancing, which, per guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, means staying a distance of 6 feet away from others when possible.