Guide To Essential Restaurant Equipment And Tools

March 16, 2023

The strength of a restaurant often lies in the strength of its kitchen! Everything in a restaurant kitchen needs to be bigger, stronger, and faster than home kitchens. It must also be cleaner. A kitchen in a good-sized restaurant often needs to serve hundreds of customers a day. The food has to be hot, cold, or room-temperature, depending on the dish. The food must also be free of contaminants that would make it unappealing or, worse, make customers sick.

Thankfully, a few pieces of essential restaurant equipment make this type of restaurant kitchen possible! Restaurants will make use of a commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer, among many other items. Every owner should know about these key pieces of restaurant equipment and tools. Once you know about them, you will search for the best commercial kitchen equipment in no time!

Cooking Equipment And Appliances

Among the cooking equipment and appliances that a restaurant needs are ranges and ovens! A restaurant range can be either gas or electric. Electric ranges tend to be more efficient and easier to clean, while gas ranges have more control and work when the power goes out. The type of oven a restaurant needs depends on the type of food it serves. The oven should also use the same type of power as the range. Once again, this can be gas or electric! The commercial oven is the type most used in a restaurant. This is because it is versatile and can cook a variety of foods.

Other pieces of equipment needed to cook food include food processors, mixers, steam tables, grills, a good microwave oven, ice makers, as well as pots and pans. The repertoire should also include mixing and tasting spoons, whisks and spatulas, tongs, ladles, and mixing bowls.

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Storage And Refrigeration

Refrigerators and freezers are indispensable when it comes to storage and refrigeration! They store food and keep it fresh for longer than it would be if food were left at room temperature. The size of the fridge or freezer depends on the size of the restaurant. However, reach-in fridges and freezers are usually the first choices even in a busy restaurant. Walk-ins are good for restaurants that do an exceptional amount of business. Shelves and racks are necessary for storing cooking equipment, including mixing bowls, pots, and pans; cleaning equipment, such as towels; and serveware, such as glasses, flatware, plates, and mugs. The right types of storage containers are also a must. Options include plastic bins, metal containers, and air-tight containers.

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Equipment And Tools For Food Preparation

No restaurant can operate without equipment and tools for food preparation! Food preparation includes counters and cutting boards to chop, slice, and otherwise cut food into pieces. The most popular counters in restaurants are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, resists bacteria, and is easy to clean. Plastic cutting boards are inexpensive and also easy to maintain. A good restaurant will different boards for different foods, such as cutting boards meant for chicken and other raw meat only, and others for fruits and vegetables.

Other essential food preparation tools include potato peelers, garlic presses, and apple corers. Cooks should also have a good selection of cutlery from chef's knives, cleavers, and paring knives! Slicing knives, boning knives, serrated knives for slicing bread, poultry shears, and basic kitchen shears are also vital, as is good sharpening steel or a machine to keep cutting edges sharp.

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Cleaning Equipment And Tools

Restaurants need to be clean, particularly in the kitchen. It is essential for the safe preparation of food! Cleaning equipment and tools include rags, mops, brushes, sponges, and cleansers that are tough enough for a restaurant kitchen. Most restaurants will have a variety of cleaners, such as one for the countertops and another for the floors. They should also have powerful dish detergent to clean the plates, cutlery, and other items! The owner can also choose from a variety of sinks, including mop sinks, which can be put on the floor, compartment and bar sinks, waste disposal systems, and hand-washing sinks.

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Safety Equipment

The health and safety of kitchen workers and customers extend well beyond inadvertently serving spoiled food. Even home kitchens can be hazardous places, and the danger is multiplied in a hectic restaurant kitchen! Therefore, it is essential to have safety equipment in restaurants, such as first aid kits and fire extinguishers. This equipment needs to be kept up to date. Other pieces of safety equipment every restaurant should have include wet floor signs and slip-proof floor mats. Aprons, oven mitts, and goggles go a long way in protecting cooks who are handling hot pots and pans, and hairnets make sure food does not arrive with unwelcome surprises.