10 Brilliant Solutions To Organize Your Closet

One of the most frustrating things in life can be avoided with some simple organization tips and tools. A disorganized or cluttered closet space can add unnecessary time and stress to an already busy lifestyle, but when you have everything in its place, it is a breeze to maintain order. By having regularly-used items highly visible, they will be readily available, while out-of-season clothing can be hidden away and out of sight with storage bins and bags. The following list contains a few ideas you can use to add more efficiency to your day.

Shower Curtain Rings

From the shower to the closet, shower curtain rings are a great bedroom hack when it comes to storing summer tank tops, purses jewellery and even scarves. This inexpensive tip can be done by simply using plastic rings from the dollar store and securing them to a clothes hanger. Depending how thick the rings are, one hanger can hold up to twenty-five tanks when they are hung by the shoulder straps. With this method, shirts are visible without being crammed in a drawer and are easy to remove and rehang. Get extra creative and arrange them by color.