10 Creative Hobbies You Have To Try This Year

If your New Year’s Resolution is to learn a new skill or try a new hobby, look no further. There are many new things you can add to your free time, depending on your interests and capabilities. Whether they use your mind, your body, or your talent, doing something new is beneficial at any age and can motivate you to be a continuous learner for life. Some hobbies, like reading, playing video games, and participating in sports are typical, but here are some more creative ones that look interesting enough to try.

10. Sculpture

Sculpture comes in a variety of forms, including soap, stone, clay, and ice. The creations made from each medium is limited only by your imagination and making something from a slab of clay or a bar of soap is rewarding. For soap sculpture, a bar of soap can be shaved and carved with a butter knife. You can either follow precise instructions or come up with your own design of a shape, animal, or plaque. Clay is versatile as it can be shaped with a wheel or by hand, and when fired in a kiln, is then ready for functional purposes.