33 Mind Blasting DIY Projects For Anyone

It is all about the Y in DIY, because everything is better when it’s got your unique seal of approval. It’s always fun when people ask where you found your wonderfully painted coffee mugs, or how much you paid to have your table refinished – only to then tell them with pride, “I did it myself”. These days it’s the ‘it’ thing for everybody to make everything their own, so why not jump on the bandwagon (you know you want to) with 33 of the most mind-blasting and creative DIY projects?


Who doesn’t love pizza? Exactly – nobody. Show some of that undying love for pizza with these simple little flags. As long as there is a bit of coloured paper, a workable pair of scissors, and some glue, you are golden. Golden like the bubbly, cheesy first bite of a pepperoni pizza. Or, felt works just as nicely to make some flags. For this, just use a simple needle and thread to sew the felt pepperonis onto the felt pizza crust. But do so responsibly, or you will reap what you sew (pun intended). These fun and easy-to-make little flags are perfect for pizza parties (or pizza fanatics).