7 Paper Towel Hacks That Will Totally Change Your Life

Every year, a dazzling new array of kitchen gadgets are produced and sold under the guise of saving you time and making your kitchen convenient. While some of these might indeed be useful, no other kitchen item is as multipurpose and life-saving as the good old paper towel. Sure, you could use them for absorbent clean-up duties, but where is the fun in that? If you want to get more out of your paper towels, check out our list of seven paper towel hacks that will totally change your life.

Super-Quick Chilled Drinks

This may be the most clever paper towel hack ever: using paper towels to get room-temperature drinks chilled in a jiffy. When you come home from the store with a room-temperature six pack and want to drink it posthaste, you usually face two equally crappy options: 1) Wait for it to get cold in the refrigerator (which can take hours!). 2) Put (shudder) ice in your drink. But there is a third, even better option that defies all logic and works! Simply get a paper towel and wet it, wrap it around the bottle in question, and place it in the freezer for fifteen to twenty minutes. You’ll be sipping chilled beverages in no time and laughing at your buddy with his iced beer.