Tips For Choosing A Great Dog Bed

March 22, 2023

Your dog has a very important job: to be your companion and, in many cases, to work alongside you! This is why you need to take care of them and provide them with good food and treats as well as a selection of toys. Taking them for walks and other forms of exercise is essential too. Just as you require a good rest, so does your dog. This is why you should buy them a great dog bed!

There are many options when it comes to dog beds, including a large dog bed, raised dog bed, and even an outdoor dog bed. You can even find chew-proof dog beds out there. Every dog is unique, which means that there is no one-size-fits-all dog bed. However, there are some simple tips that can help you choose the perfect dog bed for your furry friend. Learn about them now. They will ensure that your search for the best dog bed, whether it is a waterproof dog bed or even an orthopedic dog bed, is successful!

Consider The Size Of Your Dog

Dogs need different size beds, just like people do! A toddler does not need a king-size bed, and a grown man will not fit on a toddler bed. A chihuahua does not need the same size bed as a Mastiff. Thus, consider the size of your dog before selecting a dog bed. Measuring your dog will ensure that you get the right size. You should measure your dog from the front of its snout to the base of the tail. This will give you a minimum length requirement, but just like people, dogs do not just lay in one position. You will need to add six to ten inches to this length to allow room for your dog to move around and to play with their favorite toy. If you cannot accurately measure your dog, you can search their breed online to get an approximate idea of their size. This can inform your choice of a dog bed too!

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Think About How Your Dog Sleeps

The position you sleep in makes a significant difference in the type of mattress you need. Thus, your dog's sleeping position makes a difference in the type of bed they need. Before selecting a dog bed, think about how your dog sleeps. Watch your dog and observe its positions! A dog who sleeps curled up or lying next to another dog or their human will benefits from a bed with high sides. This type of bed provides added warmth and something for them to push up against, providing added comfort and security.

A dog that sleeps spread out on its side will need a pillow-style dog bed! These beds are most like a mattress and provide a fair amount of room for the dog to enjoy. A dog who sleeps flat on its stomach or back will probably do best on a bed with a low bolster around it. This type of bed gives your dog something to push against and a comfortable sleeping cushion!

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Keep Comfort And Support In Mind

A flat mattress is not comfortable for you, and it will not be for your dog either. Consider the amount of loft and the type of materials in a dog bed before you purchase one. Be sure to keep comfort and support in mind when looking at the dog beds available. Dog beds can have a variety of fillings. Polyester fiberfill, a common filler type, is affordable and creates a significant amount of loft or fluff to a dog bed. However, it tends to flatten out over time and will clump when washed. More filling will need to be added when this happens to keep your dog comfortable!

Memory foam is also available in dog beds. It conforms to the shape of the dog and allows for a comfortable rest with some additional support. Orthopedic foam is often denser, but still soft. It makes a heavier bed that offers support for your dog and its joints.

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Consider Specialized Needs

Dogs can have specialized needs, just like people! Older dogs often have joint pain and arthritis. Some dogs may have trouble with bedwetting, and others may get cold easily. Thus, you should not forget to consider specialized needs when searching for the right dog bed! Memory foam and orthopedic foam beds have more support for aching joints and do not easily flatten. This makes them good if your dog has arthritis or a similar issue! Polyester fiberfill is easy to wash if your dog wets its bed frequently or if you need to get another odor out. Some dog beds have a cave design, which can benefit dogs with anxiety. They allow your dog to be enclosed in the bed for added warmth and security, much like using a blanket does for people.

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Choose An Easy-To-Clean Material

Dogs can get very dirty, and you need to be able to clean their bedding. Thus, you should be sure to choose an easy-to-clean material when selecting a dog bed. Thankfully, most dog beds are easy to vacuum, which will handle dirt, fur, and similar debris. However, when the problem goes beyond that, you truly do need an easy-to-clean material. Consider a pet bed with a removable cover that you can take off and put into the washing machine. Many covers offer waterproof protection, which will keep the inside of your dog bed clean. If you cannot find a suitable dog ped with a removable cover, consider one that can be fully washed, both the cover and the filler.