10 Amazing Phenomena That Cannot Be Explained By Science

Science often has the most mind-blowing answers to explain why the world works the way it does. There are some phenomena, however, that cannot be explained by science and continue to baffle many people. It is almost as though the more researchers dig into these phenomena, the deeper the mysteries get. When confronted with a bizarre phenomenon in life, many people are eager to find an answer for it and often turn to science for an explanation. But science is not perfect, and it does not have an explanation for everything. Here are some interesting mysteries that science just cannot explain:

Why Is Sleep Necessary?


Many people have wondered at some point why humans need to sleep. In thinking about the busy lifestyles many people lead, it seems like it would be a given that people need rest so they can recharge for the next day. Of course, it is a fact that people must sleep to feel good and stay healthy. Scientists, however, are not sure why this is the case. The body regulates sleep in the same way it controls breathing, drinking, and eating. The mystery is why the human body is programmed to rest for such a long period of time. Humans and animals all engage in some type of sleep, and one of the most reasonable explanations today is that sleep is important for brain maintenance.