How To Build A Bunker

Whether you are a dedicated survivalist or you are extremely worried about possible cataclysmic events in the near future (natural disaster, nuclear war, tumultuous political happenings, zombie apocalypse), having an underground bunker at your home may be something you’re seriously considering. Building a bunker is not for the faint of heart and as such, should not be undertaken lightly. Preparedness is essential, so be sure to read the following guide before embarking on building your own bunker.

Thoroughly Prepare

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Before you break ground on your new bunker, there are many decisions to be made and considerations to be taken into account. First, decide which type of bunker you are going to have: a ready-made container of some sort that you drop into a hole or a room with custom-made walls? Second, research what kind of land you’re working with. Rocky soil will require different materials and approaches than sand or clay. Know where the water table is and whether there are large rocks.