If Science Is So Advanced Why Can’t It Explain These Mysteries?

Science holds the answers to many of the world's mysteries. The Earth is round, gravity keeps our feet on the ground, and every four years the U.S. will elect a president that near 50% of the population despises. So with all of these well-accepted facts and phenomena, why do some of the most basic behaviors of nature, animal, and human behavior remain unexplained? It turns out that even the smartest minds in the scientific community still have more questions than answers when it comes to certain topics. Read on to uncover the answers to some of the greatest unsolved scientific mysteries of the modern world!

Cows Can Tell Direction Only When They Are Eating

You may think of cows as being a bit brainless, but as far as polar alignment goes, they have most humans beat. Bovines automatically face either north or south while enjoying their tasty grass buffet. When it comes to dining, it seems as if no other direction will do.