Cool Things About Neil deGrasse Tyson

There are many interesting facts Neil deGrasse Tyson can tell you about science because from the history of the big bang theory to the possibility of aliens in the universe and beyond, his knowledge is expansive. But even more fun than these are the facts about the scientist himself. If you search the internet, you will find interviews, memes, and television appearances of Tyson telling stories of his past and his rise to popularity. He loves to offer his personal history in comedic form whether science-related or not. Here are a few of the cool things worth knowing about the astrophysicist we love to know.

Became A Viral Internet Meme


In 2012, Tyson became an internet meme icon originating from a simple hand gesture, which occurred while talking about Isaac Newton's accidental discovery of calculus right before his twenty-sixth birthday. The grand accomplishment was highlighted by the fact most college students struggle with calculus while Newton, at such a young age, just stumbled upon it, which made Newton and those who the meme represents 'badasses,' hence the meme title: 'We're dealing with a badass over here.' The style of the meme also contributes to its attitude as it is a rendition of a rage comic' sketch used to portray life stories. The gesture, title, and comic book design all play a part in the meme's intention of mocking conceited and egotistical internet trolls.

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