21 Things Anybody Under 16 Won’t Believe About How We Used The Internet

It is no grand leap to assume that the majority of internet users these days are young adults, and it is also fair to say that only a handful of them will remember what the internet looked like in its early stages. It is hard to imagine the internet as anything other than what it is today, but all good things have to start somewhere, and the internet is no exception to this rule. Here are twenty things that the youth of today will not believe about the early stages of the World Wide Web.

No Such Thing As A Macbook

In the beginning of the home computer era, people had to fire up both their computer AND their monitor. Yes, once upon a time, the two were separate entities so if one was not working, it rendered the other practically useless as well. Luckily, a black screen on a modern computer means only one thing, that there is a problem, but two decades ago this was a common sight that simply meant the computer was slowly, slowly thinking.