Concept Bicycles Of The Future

Over the years, the concept of bicycles hasn’t changed much. Pedals, a pair of wheels, a frame and a seat have been around for several hundred years. Lately, there’s been some progress in bicycle concepts, with companies pushing the envelope when it comes to design and function. We’ve seen some pretty strange, amusing, and even sexy designs out there that represent where the future of cycling is going. We put together a short but sweet list of some bicycle concepts that may grind your gears or, you may end up switching out your old bike from high school for one of these top contenders.

24/7 City Pedelec by Philipp Guenther


This futuristic granny bicycle is a perfect City bike for the metropolitan population. It’s designed with the idea of simplicity and functionality for city cyclists. This bicycle might look all dainty, especially with the yellow frame, but this bad boy bike is heavy duty and is made to last for a long time without breaking down. The Unique design has all of mechanical and vulnerable parts hidden inside the heavy frame, which protects the bike from damage and daily wear and tear. Boom, the future is coming, in terms of bicycles of course. 24/7 City Pedelec has an automatically adjusting seat, which is helpful if the bicycle is being used by many people. The bicycle also has a built in motor that allows you to ride the bicycle in a relaxed way without much effort, without sacrificing the speed.