The Most Dangerous Toys Of All Time

Toy companies have to constantly churn out new ideas in order to stay fresh and meet the demands of an ever-changing demographic. Occasionally, that means producing toys which don’t quite live up to their expectations or don’t work as intended. Sometimes, these toys can have unintended uses or cause unexpected problems when put in the destructive and hyperactive hands of young children. While this mostly results in broken toys and tears, sometimes toys can get dangerous. Want to know which toys to avoid at the next yard sale? This list is a run down of the most dangerous toys of all time.

Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab


The name of this toy should have been enough to let parents know they need to stay away from this one. The A.C. Gilbert Toy Company released the U-238 Atomic Energy Lab in 1950 to the delight of young scientists throughout America. True to its name, the science kit allowed youngsters to learn about the possibilities of atomic energy – through playing with actual radioactive uranium samples. The kit came with an electroscope that allowed kids to measure the radioactivity of the various elements that were included. Despite the manufacturer’s assurance that this toy posed no health risks, it was quickly pulled from shelves.