Must-Have Innovative Tech Gadgets

The Internet of Things innovation is on, and more devices are joining the ranks to bring connectivity, communication, and convenience wherever these are needed. Everyday activities previously unrelated to the world wide web now communicate with each other, causing manufacturers to get even more creative. Smartphones are now active hubs from which the entire home can be run remotely. Devices are simply programmed and left to ‘do their thing.’

Let’s look at some exciting new devices so useful you need to have them in your home. The following touch on several facets of everyday life.

Mi Body Composition Scale


This device has turned the mundane scale into a smart device. Now in addition to weight, you can get body mass index (BMI), body fat, bone mass, water levels, basal metabolism, muscle mass, visceral fat and your overall body score in one place. In addition to being smart, the Mi Body Composition Scale is energy efficient. Using low-energy Bluetooth 4 technology, the manufacturer claims the device can last up to eight months on just four AAA batteries. It integrates with the Mi Fit app, which records fitness data for analysis. The Mi Body Composition Scale stores data for up to sixteen profiles.

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