Virtual Reality Products That Will Blow Your Mind

Not only is the interest in virtual reality products growing at a rapid pace, so is production. There have been many new developments in recent years, and more are on the horizon. Prices ranges vary based on size, features, and capability and there are models for all needs. From tethered connections connected to a PC to lightweight, wireless solutions that offer ‘grab and go’ units, gaming enthusiasts are picking them up in droves. Here is a taste of some high-tech devices and what they are capable of accomplishing in the world of virtual reality.

Fove VR


The Fove VR provides a more personal approach to the virtual reality experience. This headset uses an infrared sensor that tracks the user’s eye activity. The manufacturer introduced this means of control to the unit to provide more realism to the experience. The device follows the user’s eye movement to offer a 3-D, 100+ degree line-of-view on a 5.7-inch display screen. The latest model has been redesigned as a smaller, lighter unit for comfort and portability.