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12 Episodes Of Your Favorite TV Shows That Were Too Controversial To Air

In the current so-called golden age of television, it seems that there could be no content too crass for primetime viewing. However, with streaming platforms and cable networks forcing broadcast television to push the envelope in terms of storytelling and content, it is inevitable that some TV shows will end up going too far. Here are twelve episodes of popular shows that were so controversial that they were banned after a single airing or were never shown on US TV.

American Horror Story: CultMid-Western Assassin 

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Some of the most gruesome, violent, and shocking sequences in TV history have come from American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking anthology series. In 2017, it was Murphy who decided that one episode from the seventh instalment, Cult, could not go to air as it was originally intended. Days after a mass shooting in Las Vegas, Cult was set to air an episode that featured a similar shooting at a political rally. When critics saw the episode, they noted that the intense opening scene could be deeply unsettling for many viewers given the recent tragedy. Murphy quickly recut the episode for television, removing several realistic and disturbing shots from the shooting sequence. FX went on to make the original edit available through online digital platforms. They also ran an extra disclaimer before the episode to warn audiences that the episode may be too disturbing for some viewers.

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