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15 Hilarious Windshield Notes You Can’t Miss Seeing

Road rage is not just distracting; it can also be dangerous and end in an accident. As a result, it rarely ends well for either party. Instead of expressing their frustration while behind the wheel, some drivers take a safer approach: they leave a note on the windshield of the perpetrator’s car. Full of rage, these notes can be smart, witty, and hysterically funny. Here are fifteen hilarious must-see windshield notes left by motorists who were pushed to the edge by bad parking, blocked driveways, and other driving faux pas.

Now You Know


There is nothing more frustrating than driving around a cramped parking lot trying to find a space, finally spotting an available spot, and then discovering that the car next to it left no room for another car to pull in. Feeling frustrated about ending up in this situation, this driver did not hold back in commenting on the other motorist’s less-than-stellar parking job. “Park less crappily”, the note states bluntly. To avoid receiving a note like this, take an extra moment or two while parking. It will make everyone’s day much easier.

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