Why You Absolutely Need A Burner Phone

Burner phones and prepaid devices are similar, but there is one significant difference. Although burner phones are mostly prepaid devices accessible through an app, the numbers are deleted after use. Typically known for their use in an illegal activity, burners can be purchased with cash, leaving no paper trail nor contract, making them ideal for criminals. They do have other legitimate purposes and can be convenient when a permanent phone number is not needed. Read on for the most popular reasons to have a burner phone.

Buying And Selling


Whether you are a regular poster of items for garage sales or classified websites or a one-timer wanting to get rid of a used item quickly, it might be more convenient to leave a phone number in the ad rather than an email address. If that is the case, there is the risk of receiving numerous unsolicited calls or being harassed by people with nothing better to do. A burner phone will allow you to have one number that you can toss once the items sell and the ad is deleted.